Mawson Lakes walking loop

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I’ll Walk With You: Walk #5

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Date: 22 April 2019

Distance: 2.2km circuit

Accessibility: Plenty of parking along the loop, either on the business or housing side of Mawson Lakes. The walk is flat, either on paved or wooden ground. There are seats along the way to rest and take in the lake. Note that some seats are located on hills/ grassy areas.

After a lovely lunch in Mawson Lakes, we decided to take a walk around the lake. We have previously walked dogs or ran around this lake, but haven’t attempted it since his injury. With the sun shining down on us, we settled into a comfortable pace. Nathan’s speed and endurance have improved, and continue to improve, through rehabilitation. With only a couple rest stops along the way, we covered the walk in just under 45min.

Victor Harbour to Granite Island


I’ll Walk With You: Walk #4

Location: Victor Harbour, Australia

Date: 27 January 2019

Distance: 2km return

Accessibility: A few accessible parking spots close to the wooden walkway and paved to the entrance. The walk itself is half on wooden planks and half taken up by the tram lines. Caution needed when navigating over the tram lines. The route is flat and there are seats along the causeway to rest and take in the scenery.

We initially planned to take the tram over and walk around Granite Island but were surprised to find the tram was not operating. This meant we had to change our plans, with Nathan walking a return journey along the causeway, missing out on the island itself. The walk, although flat, was busy with locals and tourists, so navigating amongst the people and the tram lines provided to be an event itself.

Once reaching Granite Island, we took in the view on seats located nearby, took a few photos and headed back. The wind does pick up once you’re on the bridge, so remember to bring a jacket.

5km Fun Run/Walk


I’ll Walk With You: Walk #3

Location: RAAF Base Edinburgh, Adelaide Australia

Date: 7 September 2018

Distance: 5km (2.5km for Nathan)

Accessibility: Majority of the walk was flat paved terrain, with a short section on grass/gravel.

For National Stroke Week, with the support of RAAF Base Edinburgh, Nathan’s unit and family and therapists, Nathan successfully walked 2.5km in just under 1hr. He walked to raise awareness of stroke and fundraise for the Brain Foundation, raising close to $9000 (beating his original target of $5000).

Greenfields Wetlands Nature Trail


I’ll Walk With You: Walk #2

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Date: 24 June 2018

Distance: 1.3km

Accessibility: Plenty of parking spots closer to the wetlands, it’s unpaved to the entrance. The walk itself flat and varies between unpaved and boardwalk. An easy walk with seats scattered throughout.

Nathan’s second walk was an outing that coincided with Kerrie’s brother’s birthday. Just a short drive from their home, it felt like a world away from the busy highways that surrounded it. With speed and endurance improving, Nathan pushed through the first half and took more rests throughout the second.

Morialta Falls Valley Walk


I’ll Walk With You: Walk #1

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Date: 18 May 2018

Distance: 1.7km

Accessibility: Parking available close to the start of the walk. Some disabled parking available. The walk is unpaved with loose gravel and tree roots. There is some undulations and bridges. There are a couple of seats on the trail and a seat at the falls.

Nathan’s first walk since his injury. He was accompanied by his wife Kerrie, physio Kirsty and a physio student Johnathon. Despite the wet weather, Nathan pushed ahead with the walk. He successfully finished the round trip in under 2hrs with a few standing rests in between and a well deserve sit at the falls.